Protecting Your Future

There is nothing more important than protecting your family. And while putting a dollar amount on the value of that protection is impossible, the need to create a financial buffer for them when you are gone is vital. And while life insurance seems expensive — it is usually a very good value; and it is indispensible for your family in the event of an unexpected death.

Life Insurance Is About Peace of Mind

Home insurance covers the hazards that most homeowners face—everything from fire to theft, a cracked foundation to accidents on your property. When a loss occurs, you will file a claim with your insurance carrier and you are paid for the expenses, minus any outstanding deductible amounts.

Knowing that an unexpected diagnosis or a sudden death will not leave your family at risk helps you live life to its fullest now, without fears of hardship down the road. By working with the professionals at Graham, you can make certain that the things that are most important to you are protected — your spouse’s standard of living, your children’s college, your church or other organizations with special meaning to you — all can be included in your life insurance portfolio. The benefit can also make certain that the cost of a funeral and burial does not create a hardship.

The Two Main Types

Recognizing that everyone’s situation is unique, your Graham agent will explain the two major types of insurance available, and then help you find a policy that is right for you.


Term life policies


Whole life / Universal life

Term life policies are set up to cover you for a specific period of time. The most common term policies cover for fifteen to twenty years. Depending on the age of insured, premiums start out very inexpensively and increase in costs with your age. Some Term life policies even offer the option to convert to a whole life policy when the policy is set to expire.

Whole life or Universal life insurance covers the insured for the course of their life, even if you live to be 100 years old! An advantage of a universal life policy is that the policy builds cash value that you may borrow against in times of need.

The Graham Insurance Difference

By working with an agent who understands your family’s needs and your wishes, you can have the protection and peace of mind that you deserve.

While most insurance products are similar in price and function, insurance providers are very different when it comes to structuring a policy that actually covers you.

Contact us and let the professionals at our company help you forge the strongest shield possible to help you protect the things you are working hard to build.